With donations from players, local businesses, and our board of directors, we have been able to fund multiple tournaments for kids and adults, purchase competition mats, scoreboards and medals, host kata clinics, competitor clinics, referee and coach clinics, and more. But this is just the beginning. By working together, we can give our youth the financial potential to study with Olympic medalists like Jason Morris, attend national training camps and tournaments and even compete internationally. We can train referees and coaches to help them on their journey. We can use the sport as a gateway for coping with PTSD, anxiety, depression, anger management, and a host of disabilities like visual and auditory impairments, attention deficit, and autism spectrum.

The primary goal at our events is to develop judo and jiu-jitsu players who can win at national and international events. We work hard to ensure that our competitors have lots of matches, gain lots of experience, and have lots of fun. We are not worried about our player winning or losing, we want each competitor to be challenged and to grow in the sport. We encourage competitors to compete in multiple divisions to push themselves to the next level. We also encourage demonstrations and kata competitions to highly students that practice the technical aspects of the sport.

We are not just developing players, we are also developing coaches and referees as well. These are large developmental tournaments, perfect for your first time competing, coaching, or refereeing. Our focus is to provide the perfect environment to develop your full potential. We will have a short Players and Coaches Meeting before competition starts for questions on any of the rules used internationally or at our tournament.