Mutual Benefit

Judo is a sport of strength, skill, and tactics. Opponents flip and pin each other to demonstrate superior balance, skill, and athleticism. Judo builds strong bonds between athletes and demands a high moral character. It is about turning people into communities. Communities are built around benefit, judo players are very careful to train such that everyone benefits. Sponsorship is also about mutual benefit. We want to help those who give opportunities to our athletes in any way we can.

The American Judo Foundation supports athletes by organizing local events, funding travel and participation fees for athletes, buying materials for local clubs, providing training for coaches, referees, technical officials, holding competitor clinics, and more. We are always looking for sponsors to help us accomplish these goals, while supporting our sponsors with marketing opportunities.

Here are some of the sponsorship programs that we have implemented.

Restaurant Sponsors:  We are looking for local restaurants interested in donating food for our volunteers. Usually one per event, this sponsor can set up a table or banner advertising their business.

Retail and Service Sponsors: We are always looking for local businesses that are interested in advertising during our events. We typically see about 400 local participants and spectators and these folks are interested in businesses that specialize in everything from Chiropractic, to Nutrition, to Apparel. Advertising can be done via banners, logos printed on mats, or on event T-shirts.

Athlete Sponsors:  Athlete sponsors are individuals that would like to sponsor an athlete to travel to tournaments and clinic that she/he would not normally be able to attend for financial reasons. This can be a specific athlete or for athletes in general, it can be for children or adults, for local opportunities or National-level opportunities. It can be anonymous or the donor can be stated on the gift.

Material Donations:  Material donations are also accepted. This could be the equipment itself or the funds to obtain the equipment. This could be for a specific item, such as an IJF-approved uniform, or for equipment in general, like mats, crash pads, etc.

Since the American Judo Foundation is a local organization currently raising funds for local athletes, we can work one-on-one with sponsors to ensure that donations meet the goals of the sponsor.