Brad Bolen has done a very professional job of offering Judô clinics to The Northern California Judo community here at Hanabi Judo. His mastery of special techniques is impressive and his ability to convey it to an audience is very good. Having an athlete with his experience share his knowledge leaves a real impact. We have enjoyed having him and encourage you to consider having him for your next presentation.

Dan Augustine
Hababi Judo, Head Instructor
Albany, CA

I have been to a lot of clinics since the 1960's and Brad Bolen is not only a high level competitor he's also an excellent instructor with the ability to teach novice students in addition to the experience students and other instructors as well and is able to clearly demonstrate the techniques that he is teaching. He also takes time to clearify any questions that are asked. His clinics are fun and exciting. In addition, Brad Bolen's personality and demeanor is down to earth and fantastic. He is a very humble and easy going person I wish more of the elite players portrayed themselves on a personal level like this to other judoka who are not as high-level players as they are. He will definitely be invited back to our club for another enjoyable clinic in the near future.

Paul Bova
Trafford Judo Club, Owner/Instructor
Pittsburgh, PA